Suspension Repair

Shocks and struts are two different parts that serve the same purpose.  The main job of shocks/struts is to absorb the impact of the bumps in the road.  Your vehicle may have a combination shocks in the rear and struts in the front. Or it could have shocks front & rear or struts front & rear.

SHOCKS are stand-alone parts with no spring attached.  The shocks rely on the other suspension components to hold the load of the tire.

STRUTS are similar to shocks but have a spring and mount attached.  Struts are designed to handle the weight of the tire and are a structural part of the suspension.

Ball Joints & Tie Rods

Ball joints and tie rods contain a type of connection that allows the suspension to rotate.  These joints tend to wear out and develop slack and get loose. If this happens the vehicle may be unsafe to drive and in many cases, you fail a state inspection.

Control Arms & Sway Bar

Control arms and sway bars are used to maintain the suspension geometry under all driving conditions.  Control arms contain bushings that can wear out over time causing the vehicle to pull or drift. The sway bar bushings and links can wear out causing a knocking noise over bumps


Tires are one of the most important parts of your car.  The tires are the only part that connects the vehicle to the road.  Worn tires are a safety hazard and will not control the car in an emergency braking situation.  Worn tires can also cause other driveability concerns like pulling, vibration, drifting.