Air Conditioning

Brums Ultimate Repair are experts at diagnosing and repairing automotive A/C systems.  Air conditioning systems use a working fluid called freon to remove heat from inside the vehicle.  Freon can either be a liquid or an invisible gas while it is circulating in the A/C system.

The most common cause of the a/c system not working is that the freon has leaked out.  When the system has lost about 40% of its freon the system will not work properly. There are other parts of the system (compressor, relays, sensors, fans) that could also cause the a/c not to work properly.

The most common complaint we get is that a customer tells us that another shop cannot find the leak in the system.

We have specialized equipment to find the small leaks in the system.  We can also diagnose and replace all the other parts of the system from evaporators to compressors.

Please call us with all your air conditioning needs!!